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Building with Zed?

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So playing Zed for only three days, I've found him to be extremely fun and such that I can assassinate almost any carry by endgame with my approximatly ~550 AD or so. I'm wondering what others are building are him. I take end up taking armor pen marks, flat armor seals, mr per level glyphs and AD Quints.

As for my masteries, I go 21/9/0 taking AD in offense and going a bit defensive in the defense tree.

Starting I go with boots and 3 pots.

Early game; doran blade, brutilizer, tier-2 boots

Mid game; Bloodthirster, Black cleaver, Last Whisper

End game; 2x Bloodthirster, Black Cleaver, Last Whisper, blade of the ruined king

In the end with fully stacked BT's I have around ~550 AD with around 48% lifesteal with 48% armor pen and 27 armor pen. It has this massive output but is there some areas of the build I could improve on? I think I know his combos after level 6 being R>W>E>Q>Ignite if needed and using his W in different ways. Just wondering where or if I could improve the build anywhere?

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Yeah Zed's late game is insane as long as your tank can keep the enemy team off of you. The big problem I have with him though is that by the time you get godly with him, the game's already decided.