Turned 30, need help bad :(

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What's up guys. I just turned 30 I believe about a week ago, and I am terribad. My champion mechanics are average I would say, but my game play and team fundamentals I am clueless about.

1. After the laning phase, like... what do you actually do? Before I hit 30, games would just consist of pushing lanes and random group encounters. Now my team kind of... I don't know what they do. It seems they group up and push a lane then go back, roam around, kill neutrals, dragon etc... I just don't know what I'm supposed to do and when I'm supposed to do it.

2. Hypothetically if you are well farmed, as a certain role, are you supposed to follow a certain role? IE - I know the tank/support generally keeps the adc alive as possible. What about solo top? Does solotop kind of do their own thing unless a teamfight is about to ensue?

3. When do you generally buy your first tier 3 item? I know there are some champs that benefit from rushing triforce, and I know it depends on the game and what champs you are against, but do you buy your tier 1s (tier 2s if you can afford it) then upgrade all of them to tier 3 one by one?

4. I know it's the supports role to buy wards. But mid-lategame is it other people's responsibilities to buy wards as well? Is mid supposed to ward the mid lane bushes? Is jungle supposed to ward the jungle? Is top supposed to ward baron and their area?

5. I have no idea where roles belong in a team fight. I mean I know the adc tries to keep the distance, other than that I just know if my ulti consists of CC or epic stun, I initiate. Other than that when are you supposed to engage?

tl;dr Need help with fundamentals since turning 30.

Thanks everyone for your helps and tips. If you have any other info to give that I didn't cover that I might want to know please express them!

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1) This is very situational depending on the game and what is happening. There comes a point in most games where you want to stay near your team to avoid getting ganked unless you are trying to split push (push two lanes at the same time) or back dooring (burning towers/inhibitors while the rest of your team is keeping the opponents busy). You will learn this stuff through play. Always use chat to communicate if you are wondering what the team plan is.

2) Once you get past the lane phase it is important to understand what position you should take in a team fight (fed or not). Are you a ranged character - then stay behind your tanks. Are you the tank? Then get in the face of your opponents and occupy them, cc them and do what you can to keep them off your squishy teammates. If you are support watch for healing needs, crowd control and so on.

3) Again this is very situational and depends on your playing flavor. You need to keep an eye on what your opponents are building (tab). If they are going magic heavy then it would be a good idea to build some MR items. I have a habit of rushing one item at a time but sometimes this will get me into trouble since I neglect, say, armor or MR.

4) Everyone should be buying wards from the beginning. There can never be too many wards on the map. In the jungle warding your or your opponents blue or red is always useful for tracking where the enemy jungle is. Keep a ward near the baron or dragon is also a good way of watching movement through the river. There are a number of good guides on warding and where they should be placed.

5) See 2 above.

I'm sure others will have even better advice than I.