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ELO system needs to make more sense.

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Dane Belthound

Senior Member


I win my first 8 games during preseason.

Recently I was 9/6 with an elo of 1201. Had 4 games in a row with afks. Super cool.

My friend is 15/11 with 1622 elo

My other friend is 35/28 with 1366

Last season the guy with 1622 elo ended the season at 2100 elo. He had 6 more wins than me, same losses. I was at 1040.

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lFalse Kingl



I am concerned about the ELO system. It is very inaccurate since it is based on teamwork. Because ELO is based on teamwork, it shouldn't be applied in match making nor it should match players based on winning percent. ELO should be based on individual skills and performance instead. This will separate the bad players from the average or above average.

Think of it as if this was an FPS game. If ELO was based on your winning chances, instead of K/D/A, the below average player would be matched with above average player. That means, players with .5 kda would be playing against players with 1 or 2 kd and above. This would create a complete unbalance over the game, just as it is doing to this one. Which is why I am suggesting ELO should be based on individual skills. That way, the good players get matched with good players and bad players get matched with bad ones. This will avoid the illogical system that can't determine whether players are good or bad but only match them randomly based on your winning percentage.

What methods could be applied that would be much better than this system? In my opinion, consider the following.

Things to note:
// Values can be changed more accordingly, this is just an estimate.

Instead of applying ELO points by winning, we do it by their overall performance in battle.

1.1 CS is dismissed, because support class can't get CS.

Assist, turrets/tower, inhibitors, and kills can apply ELO, death cannot.

The average overall score you gain per match will determine ELO, along with any other objectives that aren't listed.

ELO could also be applied to each roles instead. For example, adc elo will be based on kills and cs while support elo is based on healing/buffing adc, etc.

Any other options which are not calculated randomly work as well. I simply want the ELO system to be able to tell the difference between a player who performs good in game and one who doesn't.

Gonna post this here to avoid double thread creation.