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Sona re-design "Dark Symphony Sona"

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Sir Thronk

Senior Member


I love the last model, it's very clean and has the perfect amount of color differentiation..
But I wish you'd kept the "Un-Sona" hair. :c

No one ever remembers that Pentakill Sona has straight shoulder length hair, which is in and of itself "un-sona". I thought the high ponytail-in-bun was elegant and lovely.

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Junior Member


Thanks everyone, glad you're liking it!

I loved the high bun and the simple and thin ponytail too synnamonster but it basically came down to what read better in game (if it were in game that is) I've been really lucky to be able to be in contact with someone that works at riot that helped me with a lot of the design choices and changes to make it fit in better with how they go about things at Riot.

So making her hair poofy was more of the fact that when she was sized down you'd get a better silhouette of her, the long thin ponytail conflicted with somethings on the piano, such as the candles so it was hard to tell what it really was at times. Up close I feel it looked nice though

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Vic Boss



I dont play support, but if this was a skin I would play Sona all day!