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Reconnect after char screen?

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I've been having this problem for nearly a week now and its really starting to annoy me.
I looked into it and saw that there is ALOT of other players making posts about having the same trouble.

I attempt to start a match per usual and get as far as the Champion select screen, I choose my Champion and lock in. Once the count down has ended, Instead of minimizing the page and opening the game, it minimizes the page just to have it re-open again like it would if you left a game while it was in progress. It tells me that the game has Crashed and to please try to reconnect. I click on the orange "Reconnect" Button and it just minimizes the page for a split second then it pops back up saying the same thing. I am playing on a Mac but I've read other posts of people having the same problem on PC as well.

Things i have tried to fix the issue and get back into the game:
- Uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
- Deleting the game, Re-downloading and reinstalling it.
- I read a post saying that a System Restore could corrupt my Patching files (I was unsure of this so didn't try it)

As of yet i have not seen Riot address the many people who have mentioned this problem.

One of my two accounts has already been blocked because my team (Or I) didn't understand what had happened and thought i simply AFK'ed. This was clearly not the case.

PLEASE get back to me ASAP for i am eager to get back in the fight!

-- Anyone having this problem, Chuck me a like to show you can relate to this annoying (Bug?) --