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Kha'Zix Champ

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CPG Yandere



HELLO! I'm a new player of this champ and i was wondering if anybody would love to give me some tips and strategies about him, so that i dont go into game and completely suck with him, ive always been a Top Lane Player and a Jungling Player so please if you can help, just let me know what type of Runes and Masteries too help, also and strategy guide if you own the champ make a video about it and post it on youtube so that i can look at it by giving me the name of the vid and watch how i should use him..... Thank You very much for whoever helps me.

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Senior Member


This is the Kha'zix guide that I have been using. I just picked him up, and I have to say he immediately became my favorite champ.

This guide has almost everything you need to know.