[GUI-Problem]Cant leave Champion Unlock Screen

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LoL, this is awkward. I think this happend the first time in my >2years of LoL.

go: [Click to view/edit your summonr profile]>[Champions]>[any Champion]
Your get the normal [champion unlock screen]. As you will recognize, the rest of the adobe client is grey and you cant move it around. (i cant, can you?). You have to close the [unlock screen]. After this you can move the client around.

What just happend: I moved my client a little bit to much to the right. So far, that i just can see all champion icons, but not the chat buttons.
Well, if you open a [unlock screen] now, you cant close it, because the [close button] ist to far right. Its out of the screen and you can click it with your mouse. Because you cant move the [unlock screen], you cant close it, so you cant move the client at all.
Your stuck at the [unlock screen]. The only way around is to close the whole client, which you should not have to do. (<- is this correct english oO?)

This is no mayor issue, but can happen and will be annoying over time, especially in times of high usage.

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greetings, a summoner