[Suggestion] Full fix to tier 2 runes

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Make it so you can combine tier 1 and 2 runes of the same type and make tier 2 runes cost the same as tier 3 runes. Pretty much an outright fix to a universally agreed upon issue (tier 2 runes not being worth buying). This would give more than enough reason to buy tier 1 AND 2 runes before finally making it to tier 3. The cost overall of a player using all tiers would essentially be a tier 3+1 rune worth of cost. A simple fix that will get players pushing their rune page to the maximum the whole way up and staying competitive at lvl 20+ rather than either sacrificing lvl 10-20 play or sacrificing lvl 20-30 play. Additionally a very small increase to tier 1 rune cost might be in order, I mean in the interest of torturing us.