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League Randomly Shuts Down

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So lately, (since yesterday) I've been having a problem while I play League of Legends. Every time I go in game, around the 10:00 minute mark my computer shuts off. This has happened for the past 4 games. It never shuts down unless League is running. Even in a custom game by myself it shut down. This is really starting to irritate me, and I just want to play League without having to restart my computer. I have checked for heating problems, and without a doubt that is not the issue. I also redownloaded League but the client itself wasn't the issue either. This is very baffling. I don't think it's a problem with my hard drive either, because I ran 2 different anti-virus scans and there were no threats. I have also heard this happening to others, and my computer never did this until Season 3 came out. If this keeps up, I may have to quit League. Please, someone help.