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In-game SR lag issue

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War and Peace92



Forgive me if I'm posting in wrong forum, but just tried getting into ranked game. Everything from champ picks (other than noct who can't decide if hes playing top or jung) to loading screen into game goes fine, but in-game when I'm buying my items I suddenly can't buy health pots getting refunded my purchase until i have 9 and then it reverts back to 5. Everyone is lagging as my 2 of my teammates and opponent cho'gath said something in chat in terms of "What is going on?" By 2 minutes the blue golem (since I'm jungling) hasn't spawned so I think i'll try to log out and reconnect to fix the issue. I try to recconnect but now I can't even see the loading screen and instead get a message saying I can't connect to league servers due to cause possibly being firewall (which it isn't). I made this forum post for 3 reasons: 1 is that this doesn't count as a game leave on my part, 2 that I don't get a loss and effect on my ranked stats, 3 so you guys know of this issue and can possibly do something to fix.