Networker; Information, Travel, Roaming, RT Scaling

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Themes: Travel, Information, Roaming, Real Time Scaling, Playing Field Manipulation
Notes: Scaling not added because why bother. If you want to skip the spells and read up on play style, go straight to the bottom.

[Passive: Information Network - Wards placed by [NAME] have a buff placed on them. This buff increases [STAT] for allies when near the ward. If an enemy is near the ward, [STAT] increases in real time, scaling at +1 per second up to [X TIMES LEVEL]. If there is not an enemy near the ward, stored stats will instead be lost at -1 per second until [CAP].]

[W: Digital Strider: Passive - When out of combat, increases movespeed by [X]. Upon entering combat enemies are damaged by [X].

Active - Enters leyline and begins to scale up to travel at [X] units per second (RAMMUS POWERBALL) towards position selected. Every unit traveled drains [X] mana. Upon arrival, deals [X] damage in AoE. Both forms of Digital Strider stack.]

[E: Leyline Freeze: Passive - Upon exiting either form of Digital Strider or an Arc Node, the next auto attack or spell will damage and slow a target by [X].

Active: Slows and damages [X] a target for [X] and applies debuff: FROZEN PIPES - All enemies traveling towards this target are slowed by [X].]

[R: Negative Feedback: Deals [DAMAGE] + [STAT] + How much damage has been dealt locally. Damage is stored immediately and then quickly decays at 0.2 damage a second. Each level increases damage stored by [10+20+30+40+50%]. Note: Damage decays faster than it is stored.]

EDIT: Changed ult, removed ARC NODE. While I like the idea of giving a champ the ability to move others, it's too strong of an ability.