Verlok, The Broken Sun

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Name and Title: Verlok, The Broken Sun (vur-lock)

Role: Assassin, Mage Lane: Mid

Lore: Coming from a lost land to the east was Verlok, little is known about Verlok before he lost his memory after the ship he was on, as a toddler, had been destroyed by an encounter with Bilgewater pirates. Set adrift in the never-ending sea he eventually found himself on the beautiful eastern beach of Ionia, for months Verlok walked the mysterious island only finding empty temples in ruins and small abandoned towns, he foraged for food and shelter day by day until he found an old temple, just like the others he thought to be empty, Verlok looked for an entrance to the old temple but found none, after hours of searching he eventually found a small hole in the wall that he squeezed through, to his surprise it was in a better condition than he expected. He walked around the courtyard of the temple for awhile and eventually made his way inside, Verlok made his way to the bedrooms and took a short nap only to awaken to two ninjas known as Zed and Shen.
After the awkward silence Verlok was quickly welcomed into the temple by the Ninja Master and his students. Liked greatly by everyone, Verlok learned the way of the Kinkou with much help and understanding. Soon 9 years had passed of training with Zed and Shen, Verlok had become close friends with the both of them but had started to notice a certain tension growing between Zed and Shen for several years. Verlok always watched them have training matches and it always ended in a draw, one day though, Zed had beaten Shen with ease, soon after Zed was banished by the Ninja Master to Verlok's surprise.
Verlok had continued his training with Shen for several years, always losing to Shen he eventually had met the same box Zed had years ago, Verlok peered into the box and the same thing occurred as it did with Zed. Unlike Zed though Verlok had refused the forbidden techniques that were shown to him for there was no balance within them. Verlok had kept his knowledge of the forbidden techniques a secret for several years, never even practicing them. Verlok's memory of the skills had slowly faded away, and so did the Ninja Master, who spent long hours standing at the gate of the temple. When Verlok confessed his knowledge he was immediately sent on a mission deep into the heart of Valoran.
Gone for a year, Verlok was astonished to find the temple had been overrun by a band of mysterious ninja, the intruders were unwelcoming of Verlok soon after he explained that this is where he had trained, claiming that they were trespassers. Verlok was then attacked by one of the ninja and soon found himself fighting countless enemies, easily holding them off he heard a familiar voice, Zed. Soon after the assaults by the ninja had stopped and Verlok saw his long lost friend, after Zed had explained who Verlok was he became an honored guest.
Verlok had asked what had happened to the Kinkou, Zed had answered Verlok's question in full detail and explained that he could feel the dark presence within Verlok and that he could teach him how to use the forbidden knowledge. Verlok quickly refused and had challenged Zed to a fight instead, Zed gladly accepted, thinking it would be an easy victory and a way to prove his dominance. As Verlok walked to the courtyard he could feel the darkness in the Kinkou temple, his growing anger made him attack Zed immediately, deeply cutting across his face and minutes after that attack Verlok was fleeing the temple without his left arm or eye, daring Zed to follow. Verlok had made refuge in one of the quaint towns he had encountered years ago, Verlok had not slept for weeks and slowly recovered.
Verlok, reluctant to start using his forbidden knowledge to make a shadow take the place of his arm, had grown dependent of the shadows, not as much as Zed though, Verlok had found a way to cleanse himself of darkness for a short time to maintain his balance. After moving to the main land of Valoran, Verlok had quickly heard of Zed and Shen's participation in the League of Legends. Ready for vengeance, Verlok quickly signed up at the Institute of War.

Statistics at level 0:

Health: 430 (+85 per level)
Attack Damage: 55 (+3.3 per level)
Attack Speed: .683 (+3.1% per level)
Health Regen: 6.5 (+0.75 per level)
Energy: 200 energy
Energy Regen: 50
Armor: 16 (+3.75 per level)
Magic Resist: 30 (+1.25 per level)
AA Range: 125
Movement Speed: 345

Stats (scale of 1-10):
Attack Power: 2
Defense Power: 2
Ability Power: 10
Difficulty: 8

Personality Traits:
Focused on preserving his own balance
Usually keeps his left "arm" closer behind his body
Hates Zed
Looks up to Shen
Thinks of himself as taking the place of the Ninja Master he trained under, as the Burning Sun, but broken because of his arm, eye, and imbalance.
Enjoys a good time when given a chance to have one
Resourceful and tenacious in nature
Easily becomes cocky in fights unintentionally
Leads with his right foot because he use to be left handed
Highly alert and sometimes paranoid
Verlok's abilities have a greenish tint and aura to them, similar to Zed's
For his outfit, like Shenís, it's full body coverage, little metallic armor though, very ragged features to it though

Item Build Reccomendation:
Sorcererís Shoes
Liandryís Torment
Void Staff
Rylaiís Crystal Scepter
Deathfire Grasp
Rabadonís Deathcap


Passive: Enemy Shadows: Every 10 seconds Verlok marks all nearby enemies and neutral monsters, marks can then can be activated by abilities or basic attacks, when activated the marks on minions or neutral monsters restores 5 energy, enemy champions will restore 10 energy and are slowed by 15% for 1.5 seconds.
Range: 700

Q: Deceitful Shadow: Verlok sends out a small, shapeless shadow that passes through enemies dealing magic damage and stays in the casted location for 6 seconds, the ability can be reactivated to send the shadow back to Verlok, dealing magic damage to all enemies it passes through.

First Cast Magic Damage: 30/50/70/90/110 (+30% AP)
Second Cast Magic Damage: 40/60/80/100/120 (+35% AP)
Cost: 40 energy per cast
Range: 100-675
Cooldown: 9/8.25/7.5/6.75/6
Shadow speed: 1500

W: Embracing Shadow: Verlok raises a spell shield, if a spell is blocked all nearby marks are activated while Verlok receives half the amount of energy from each mark and the marks are reapplied to all enemies, dealing magic damage and are slowed for 2 seconds when marks are triggered by this ability.

Magic Damage: 90/110/135/170/200 (+40% AP) caps at 200 against monster and minion
Cost: 80 energy
Slow: 15/20/25/30/35%
Range: 900
Cooldown: 20/18.5/17/15.5/14 seconds

E: Betrayal: Verlok teleports behind an enemy champion and uses their own shadow to root them, dealing a percentage of their current health over 3 seconds in magic damage.

Percent of Current Health: 5/8/11/14/17% (+1% per 100 AP)
Cost: 50 energy
Range: 675
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds
Root Duration: .5/.75/1.0/1.25/1.5 seconds

R: Cleansing Light: Verlok cleanses himself of all darkness for a short time, hitting all nearby enemies with a dark pulse. More damage to the center and decays after a range of 125 down to 70% of the original damage. He also becomes invisible because light can now pass through him because he has no darkness, invsibility goes away if he casts any ability or auto attacks, he can then reactivate the ability within 6 seconds to channel the released darkness into a target enemy dealing magic damage, the damage for the second cast starts to decay after 3 seconds down to 80% damage.

First Cast Magic Damage: 100/180/260 (+35%AP)
Second Cast Magic Damage: 120/200/280 (+40% AP)
Cost: No Cost
First Cast Range: 600
Second Cast Range: 900
Cooldown: 110/95/80 seconds
Duration of Invisibility: 1/1.5/2 seconds
Pulse Speed: Instant

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