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Why nerf Diana again? (and bug)

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Diana seems to be the new Irelia, her Q ability is very easy to avoid,
Also it has a bug that sometimes fizzles and goes on cool down, i
think it happens when you target outside her range, but im not sure.

Diana is very straight forward, go in balls to the wall, blow your cool downs
and has no escapes (unless you dash to a minion if your lucky), shes not that
tanky either. Yet Vi (from reading her notes) is a Powerhouse with insane damage
and a passive shield...

I'll probably get downvoted, but can someone tell me why these nerfs are warranted?
Shes not the only one with a poke and Rabbadon's one of her core items was nerfed too.


Here Sir, take my like for your heroic words

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The Gee

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what runes and masteries then? a little evidence to support your claim would be great.

also i forgot to cite dianas jokes and her laugh as being OP.

I jungled as diana a few days ago and cleared completely fine, I was worried because I realized I had no masteries. It was so easy I figured I must have set some up so I check after the game, nope no masteries at all are required for Diana to easily clear the jungle. A little evidence to support your own claim is necessary before asking others to prove it, however if you look up stonewall008's jungling videos he has Diana jungling very easily.