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{Guide} Twitch, Slayer of all, Gold bonus to none!

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No mention of Infinity Edge or criticals? Building critical chance up to about 50% with an IE rush is very popular on Twitch, why do you not advocate it? I've never been screwed over by no criticals before, so RNG isn't much of a reason.

RNG always screws me over. IE is strong though, but I just don't feel it. I will admit i've seen some pretty scary Twitch's with IE, Last Whisper and a couple Avarice Blades, but they are so squishy you can two shot them, or outlast them with my build.

As far as Attack Speed runes go, I feel they are a waste, i'd much rather have the dodge and Magic Resist for a 21/9/0 build, or have the MP5/lvl and CDR otherwise. More spray and prays, and more expunges make all the difference IMO.