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Fairly major control issue while playing Elise

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Hi, my name is Geoff, and I play the account "RiverSamson". Lolking: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/30790539 (http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/30790539)

I play Elise pretty much full time. She is my favorite champ by far! I've always been a fan of mid's & jungles, and she mixes the two right in. I'm very very skilled with her, having played her in over 100 matches or so, since her release.

Anyway, I have a fairly major issue I would like to report with Elise.

There is a bug that is related to Elise's "Rappell" ability. Here are the details:

- If I should auto-attack or ability strike an enemy champion, and then use "Rappell" / switch to spider-form and use "Rappell", many times Elise will automatically jump to the enemy champion whom she attacked.

- If an enemy champion is adjacent to Elise and I utilize "Rappell" as an escape mechanism, occasionally Elise will jump to the nearby enemy champion if they are directly under her, without intending to do so. If the champion moves out of that area during that time with an escape skill such as "Flash", she will still jump to target enemy champion.

In both of these bug cases, I do not click on the enemy champion to "Rappell" TO them, I simply "Rappell" in the open space on the ground. What occurs is a total loss of character control, as Elise auto-jumps to the target enemy champion without intending to or clicking on them directly.

I AM using the auto-cast buttons when I play Elise. However this bug is usually not a problem. Even while using the auto-cast buttons, the issue does not always occur.

I have noticed the following details related to this bug:

- This issue does not appear to effect minions. The bug appeared in the last patch, that buffed Elise's AP ratios.

- I have seen this bug cause Elise to jump over walls to reach enemies, and it will even "Rappell" on champions who I did not even know were in the area after attacking them with a 'blind' "Volatile Spiderling" (beyond walls or in brush).

- The issue does not always occur. It only occurs about 25% of the time, and in most cases, my characters health is already low. I do not know if this is a prime factor.

- The issue also occurs sometimes at full health as well. I may just notice it's presence and become annoyed by it, after dying at low health

- I would say by-and-large, this bug accounts for almost 35% of my deaths while playing Elise, due to loss of character control during turret-dives and team fights.

I can easily replicate this bug. It happens to me at least once during every match I play. Sometimes up to 4 times, and always when I do not intend for it to do so. I have not played a game in approximately 3 weeks, where this bug did not surface.

Thank you for the read, let me know if I can help search for this bug further. (And I am aware of the Irony, that the spider-queen has bugs!!) : )