Riot, why can't we queue as a specific role?

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Originally Posted by Lavitztyr View Post
there are millions of players in WoW as well, and yes it takes that long.
not everyone queues for dunegons...there's nothing else to do in LoL

Originally Posted by Kejmur View Post
a) Riot clearly stated that they'll NEVER force metagame on anyone or ban for not following it. And this idea promotes metagame this way.
b) No one would queue for support and EVERYONE would try for mid/adc/top (and maybe jungle as well, although I dislike new jungle even more then in s2). Which would make queues so LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.
c) And what you do when you want to go for example 1vs2 at mid when you duo Q ? (which is viable, watch some pro games). How do you queue for this ? Even longer queue time because both of you want to go mid ?

Honestly I would like to see it, but IMO it's impossible to apply or really hard to do.
I think you underestimate how many people actually enjoy playing support and jungle. Plus maybe the faster queue time would make more people try it out. However, you do bring up some good points. I think they could find a way to implement some kind of version of this though.