Support/Jungle looking for team and/or duo q partner

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i finished silver in solo q last season while almost achieving gold several times. I would prefer a team and/or partner to be at least gold but i will pair with a silver level as well.
my main supports are: Sona, Blitzcrank, and *Nami
other supports i'm good at include, taric, leona, soraka, lulu and janna.

*to anyone that would ask how can Nami be your main already i would answer that i've been playing her since she first became available on the PBE

if your more interested in my as a jungler
my mains are: Amumu, Maokai, Skarner and Warwick
other junglers i'm good at: Diana, Rengar, Nocturne

As for my proof of experience i have almost 2600 games played and finished silver with my highest rating being less then 40pts from gold.
Please add me in game or contact me on the forums if your interested.