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10-18-10 Weekly GGHolic Tourney 7PM PST

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This is a weekly tourney - there are no prizes, just for fun. It starts Monday 7PM PST for first bracket, which is best of one, and continues each day thereafter at 7PM PST. If you'd like to participate you can sign up here: http://binarybeast.com/xLoL1010120. In your team sign-up you must include a player name who your arranged opponent will be able to contact. You don't need to be in a clan, but must get 5 players. If you'd like to participate you can either join yourself, or post your team name / contact name in the posts below.
You can contact me in-game also if you have further questions.

Added below are rules:

Please join LoL in-game channel "ggholic" prior to tournament if needing assistance or help

GGHolic 5v5 League of Legends Rules:

1. Each match will be a best of one, even the final.

2. Each match will be blind pick, through practice mode; final will be draft style, picking done through moderated chat

3. Disconnects do not invalidate a match

4. Winner updates victory to BinaryBeast where tournament is organized

5. Disputes require screenshots or recording

6. No intentional all-chat

7. Contact information is provided in Binary Beast tourney chart, you will contact your opponent and begin game yourself.

8. Be ready to have a player from each team record video if in finals.

9. Finalists will go through draft picks after semi-final matches (day before final)

Time @ 7 PM PST
The length of the tourney depends on the number of teams that are available. Each bracket lasts one day, so 4,8,16 teams would last 2,3,4 days, respectively. However, the tournament will always begins Monday.

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Pretty pumped for this tourney lets get competitiveeeeee