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Black cleaver needs a change

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Ive noticed several games now where any bruiser will stack black cleavers, and no matter how bad they do in early game will make a comeback and decimate the ENTIRE enemy team. just last game they had a garen with three of them do 1400 damage in one spin to a tanky nocturne. three of them gives the following

750 life
150 attack damage
30% cooldown reduction
45 armor pen

and a NON UNIQUE passive to shred the armor by 7.5% of whomever he decides to faceroll. one q applies three stacks instantly whilst silencing someone for 2 or 2.5 seconds and allows him to freely spin on any target and wreck its face off.

what i believe would be a fair change is to just make the passive unique. having an instant 45 armor pen plus 30% more is a little bit rediculous imo. and with the passive on w hes already tanky with the added 750 life he just got. i couldnt even do 1400 damage spins pre patch if i had 100% crit on him.

thanks for reading.

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EA Rabbit



Wrong Forums.

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^try posting this on the item discussion