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[Store] Item availability based on gold sometimes not correctly updating

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Not quite sure how to describe the bug briefly but I will try. When after you buy an item from the purchase tree of an item you currently can not afford the top icon is 'dim' while the subcomponents which you can are 'bright'. Sometimes after buying a subcomponent in this view the top icon will become 'bright' as if you had enough gold to purchase it, despite your gold after purchase being less than it requires. It seems to only occur when the final item would be purchasable with the gold you had prior to the subcomponent purchase if the subcomponent were an already available prerequisite.

I tried to upload a screenshot but everytime I ended up getting "Google Chrome could not connect to na.leagueoflegends.com" error for the next 5 minutes (including other threads unrelated to this) at 74% uploaded.

I had a Ruby Crystal and 900 gold - the Phage icon was 'dim', the Longsword icon was 'bright', and the Ruby Crystal icon was 'bright' with a check mark. After buying the Longsword I had it, the Ruby Crystal, and 550 gold (Dominion gold ticks fast) - the Phage icon was 'bright' (despite my gold being less than its cost), and both the Longsword and Ruby Crystal icons were 'bright' and checkmarked. The buy button remained correctly darkened however.