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My thoughts on Vi

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Greeting, PBE forum.

I will be giving my thoughts and build for the newest champion, Vi.


Right now, Vi is quite strong. She counters many of the strongest solo-top champions. She can absolutely destroy anyone, even tanks. Im not siuggesting some major gigantic nerf that will make her useless. Im just suggesting that she gets toned down abit.

While she is a good top, she is quite a good jungler. Her abilities make clear time quick and her ganks strong.


Passive: A nice shield that makes jungleing quite easy. Not many complaints here.

Q: This move i have a problem with. The damage it does on max charge along with the range it goes is insane. Its on a fairly short cd on max rank ( with my build at least). My suggestion would be to nerf the damage a little bit.

W: This move makes her one of the best anti-tanks in the game. Its damage is very nice and can lead to some epic moments. However like her Q its damage is to high. Making it a little lower would ease some of the insta-3k damage she can do.

E: This move is my biggest concern. Its on a great that 1.0 ratio and hits all units in front of it. Not only that, but it can be cast twice immiediatley, making it a nastier nuke than Veigars w. Lowering the ration would make this move more balanced.

R: I love and hate this ult. I've wanted an ult like this on a champion like this for awhile now. However at max rank its on a 64 sec cd. Its utility is awesome, and can allow Vi to jump to the adc's in the back without much damage done to her. Raising the cd abit would help alot.

Her jungleing can be nice and quick, and her ganks deadly.

Starting blue, going wolves, then ganking is my usual path.

After gank, go red, wraiths, gank again.

She goes on like this all laning phase.


Laning with Vi is deadly. She can defeat tops like Darius without many ganks. Her e makes farming easy, and her q can help her escape sticky situations. Overall her laning is very nice and is one of the strongest in the game.


Laning build:

Start boots and 3 health pots.

Rush phage, followed by Brutilizer

Get Merc Treads, then build phage into Tri Force.

Get Black Cleaver, then Warmogs armor.

End build with Atomas and Bloodthirster.

Jungle Build:

Hunters Machete and 5 health pots.

Get boots, then rush Wriggles.

Get Phage, Brutilizer.

Build into Tri force, sell Wriggles.

Procced from here with normal build.


Vi is a really strong champ that is super fun to play. I will definatley be buying her when she comes out on live. However her damage does need to be nerfed abit and she will be great.

Overall Score: 8/10