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Summoner Heal bug?

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H2O Tyranitar

Junior Member


Particles were replaced with the summoner heal icon.

1) Only champion in the game with Summoner Heal was Shen, and he was top lane.
2) Bug affected every other champion on the enemy team, but no champions on my team.
3) Noticed it in mid lane against Leblanc. Whenever she used distortion, all the particles were replaced with the Summoner Heal icon. They started off small, then grew in size.
4) As the game progressed, I noticed that every single one of Shen's abilities were having the issue, Kayle's ultimate was doing it as well, which actually made it impossible to tell if it was used in teamfights or not.
5) I turned down the Effects setting from Very High to High, still did it.

I wasn't able to get a screenshot, and I decided to try lolreplay midgame, but it did not work. I will attempt to replicate the situation so I can get a screenshot.