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Questions about ranked teams & elo

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Hey, I just came back to LoL and had a few questions concerning season 3.

1) If I join a team and get ranked in 3v3 or 5v5 THEN leave/get kicked, will the elo stay on my profile?

2) If you're in multiple teams how would that affect your team elo?

3) What exactly is elo decay? Do you lose 25 elo every 4 weeks or 25 per week after 4 weeks for not being active?

I remember in season 1, you would just invite people and your team elo would depend on the different matches you had with the random people/friends. I read about elo decay but don't really know much. My question for #3 is would I lose 50 elo in 5 weeks or 8 weeks if I was inactive(or whatever the amount is)