(champ concept) Thomas DuMonte, The Random Madness

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This is just a vague concept I have rollin around in the noggin but I don't know how viable it could even be. I'm thinkin of a psycho champ from an asylum whose abilities have a random effect. Seeing as how hes a psycho it only makes sense his resource is fury(He's a melee too)

Passive/Innate - Easily Excited

Thomas gains increased attack speed and movement speed for missing fury (scaling down from empty to full)

Note - I think this passive fits his theme, plus most fury users benefit from stacking it and keeping it high. having fury makes his moves stronger but when hes out of fury it helps him recuperate it faster and escape, chase.

Q - Enchanted Throwing Shiv

single target
500 range

Thomas throws a shiv, scribbled with a random enchantment on it that deals physical damage and consumes some fury to either blind, silence, or taunt the target.

Note - the lore I vaguely have for this guy is he was an heir to a failing noble house in Noxus and before he was admitted to an asylum his family tried to keep him busy by having him taught various things that ultimately failed.

W - Carving Knife

next basic attack strikes the target deep in a critical area, dealing additional physical damage and consumes some fury to either slow, root, or stun the target.

Note - you could akin the bonus effects to him slicing a hamstring putting his victim in shock.

E - Cannibalistic Frenzy

Single Target
500 range

Thomas leaps at his intended victim and rather then using his weapons, takes a savage bite out of his target, dealing physical damage and consuming some fury to either cause additional damage, heal himself for a percentage, or fear the target.

R - Psychotic Break

Self Target

Thomas Loses all self control and consumes all his current fury and begins to rampage in a berserker-like state, Reducing all damage dealt to him and increasing all his own damage. All of Thomas's other abilities will trigger 2 random effects instead of just 1 (each extra effect has its own fury cost instead of being bundled together. The more fury is consumed to cast Psychotic Break the longer the effect lasts.

How these random effects work is one of them is sure to trigger its just completely by chance which one you get, I think this would make a champ really fun to play since you're not exactly sure what your gonna get when you start in on an enemy. I also realize that all the crowd control this guy could potentially create could make him nearly untouchable in 1 on 1. This is only a concept that I haven't put too much real work into.


As far as the lore goes, Thomas DuMonte is the heir to declining Noxian noble family. He's just not right in the head. He has no serious handicap, he's just scatter-brained and he can't seem to focus long on anything, except when he intends to kill, which he craves. To try and curb this desire his family had him apprentice for various teachers: magic users, butchers, military veterans, etc. The problem was he'd eventually use the current craft he was learning to kill his teacher. Realizing he wouldn't be able to correct this behavior, his family locked him away in an institution. Seeing as how Noxus Doesn't like wasting a perfectly brutal killer whose more then willing to fight for any reason, The Noxian High Command let him out and shipped him off to the fields of justice to sow chaos for their agenda.

Note - again this is just a rough concept. Having a random ability trigger could be a pretty fun play and I've never seen it before in LoL. In WoW chance procs were either total garbage or totally OP.