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[Feedback] Size of the new Buff Indicators

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First off, let me say that I love how streamlined and clean League is becoming. It still has a few bumps that need to be smoothed out of course, but it's really coming together nicely, and despite being less than happy about the new HUD and Store, they've grown on me a bit as I've gotten used to them. Not perfect, but getting there.

Anyway, I recently noticed that the size of Red, Blue, and Baron Buffs have been drastically shrunk down. While I do like the streamlined-ness of this, it makes them so difficult to see, that I almost don't realize I have them floating around me.

I do like the red, blue, and purple rings around the characters, which are a nice indicator of someone who has the buffs, however not being able to see the actual little stones floating around you like they do on the live servers is less than satisfying. I like knowing that I have the Blue Buff, and with it being so very small in the PBE, I find myself almost thinking I don't have it ! Same with Baron Buff. In the live servers, when your team has Baron, everyone freaking knows it. Big purple crowns floating around you and your allies, showing off your absolute might is a wonderful feeling. It's a completely obvious Buff that can be seen very easily, thus sending your enemies fleeing for their lives, unless of course they're brave (or foolish) enough to take on your now-empowered team.

With the buffs being shrunk down, not only do you lose that sense of badassery, but your enemies also can hardly see that you have Baron, Red, or Blue buff. (Unless they're paying attention, or squinting). But still, I find this to be an issue that should be addressed, hence me making this thread.

I'm all for streamlining the game, and neatening things up, but minimized buffs are not a good thing. Too small to see, and fairly hard to notice. I really do hope you guys take the time to read this and consider keeping the buffs the same size as they are now. If not, at least make them larger than they are in the PBE, so allies and enemies alike can tell where the buffs are, and who they're floating around.

Show your support for keeping the buffs their glorious normal size ! Sign this petition please !