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ISO: guidance and constructive criticism

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Hello, so I've played at least one hundred games of ranked this season before the pre-season three patch came out. I'm stuck in what is considered "elo hell" to the community in this bracket. I don't believe that this "elo hell" exist to what i've come to see it's the players in this bracket that lack teamwork and knowledge of the game.

I've done a lot of research and reading on here and on two other sites for builds and tips.


I want to also state that a lot of them acknowledge these bad players in this bracket and that if I belong in a higher Elo I should be capable of carrying myself out of here... while this is true .. I don't always get to Jungle or Mid as Nocturne, Sej, Syndra or Zed (my mains) in ranked games. I get stuck almost always doing support. I enjoy Zyra and Galio as support but with support mastery and runes it is impossible to carry with these champions unless i'm fed... I am allowed no CS just gps and pickpocket for income. I don't want to be considered trolling either so I play what position i'm intended to fill.

This comes to me stuck with players who are just truly out-right horrible... going 0/4 ten minutes in etc. I don't say anything or become rude to these I try to help them and let them know how to properly play their lanes and they get angry and call me rude and tell me I am only making them play worse. So I try to avoid helping/conversation at all.

I have very high intentions on getting to a bracket where I can always play my best roles... I believe that to be the 1800+ brackets. So, do I need to play more games in normal? should I watch something or read something specific and practice it? Should I go my best roles even if someone has always called it or taken that spot?

Anything to help me move forward is greatly appreciated.