Xunos The Dread Reaper

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Xunos The Dread Reaper
Attributes: Melee, Assasin, Stealth

Attack: 80
Magic: 30
Difficulty: 70

Damage: 56 ( + 3/ lvl) 107 at lvl 18
Health: 490 ( + 80/ lvl) 1930 at lvl 18
Mana: None
Mov. Speed: 310
Mana reg.: None
Health reg.: 6.1 ( + .6/ lvl) 16.9 at lvl 18
Armor: 12 ( + 3.2/ lvl) 69. 6 at lvl 18
Mg res.: 30 ( + 0/ lvl) 30 at lvl 18
Attack speed: .65 ( + .03/ lvl) 1.19 at lvl 18


Q: Sythe Slice

Xunos slices with his sythe an arc in front of him dealing physical damage
Cooldown: 8 secs
Damage: 30/ 50/ 80/ 120/ 160 ( + 1.1 of bonus AD)

W: Sear the Weak

Xunos summons Hellfire in a target location. If the target hit is a champion, it slows them and silences them. Deals half damage to minions
Cooldown: 12 secs
Damage: 100/ 140/ 180/ 220/ 280 ( + .4 of ability power)
Slow and silence: 1/ 1.5/ 1.75/ 2/ 2.5 secs
Slow power: 15 %/ 17%/ 20%/ 25%/ 30%
Radius of cast: 1000
Radius of damage: 500

E: Fade in the shadows

Xunos becomes steathed after 1 sec. If Xunos attacks an enemy champion, they are feared.
Cooldown: 6
Damage: Base AD + 20/ 40/ 60/ 80/ 100
Fear time: .75/ 1/ 1.25/ 1.75/ 2
Stealth time: 4/ 6/ 8/ 10/ 12 secs

R: Final Hour

Xunos launches his sythe in a huge arc in front of him. If an enemy champion is hit, they take Physical damage and becomes stuned till the end of the spell. When the shythe reaches Xunos at the end of its range, he instantly dashes to the target and slices them for a significant amount of damage. If many champions are hit, Xunos only teleports to the first one hit. Also other enemies stuck are stuned for only half the duration.
Cooldown: 180/ 160/ 120 secs
Damage: ( Hit in arc) 100/ 200 /300 ( + .4 of bonus AD) + (1 st champion hit) 170/ 250/ 375 ( + 2.0 of bonus AD)
Stun time: 2/ 2.5/ 3 secs
Arc: 1750/ 2000/ 2350


After landing a few basic attacks on an enemy, they become feared. This cannot happen to the same target more than once in 12 secs.
Attacks needed: 3/ 4/ 5
Fear time: .75/ 1/ 1.5


Buying attack speed items if useful for Xunos if you want to Fear multiple targets

Be careful when using Xunos's ult because of its long cooldown. It is best used in combination with a champion with a bind or stun. Ex: Sona, Morgana ect.

Recomended items

Dorans blade, Boots of Mobility, Infinity Edge, Guardian angel, Frozen Mallet and Phantom Dancer


What, Where, When, How. These question cannot be easily responded to when it comes to talk about Xunos. Nobody know from where he comes from or why he so suddenly appeared. Speculations say that Xunos came from the Shadow isles. Nobody has ever had the courage to ask him. Others say that he is as Nocturne, a being of nightmares. Only Xenos knows why he was drawn to this world. Summoned againts his own will by and infamous being of death to do his wotk for him, he is focebly presented to the league by him. Why he was accepted.... we will never know. The name Xunos was given to him by the Noxians in the league. Even if he is controled, Xunos has started planing things of his own desire for this world. Even if he has found common ground with the Noxians, Yorick and Nocturne, when he believes the time is right will he exucute his horrifying plan, to destroy this world and everything that stands in his way, starting with the Leeague of Legends.

Nobody has ever been able to come close to discovering his plan because they have all fallen on the cold blade of his shythe.

Upon selecting`
`` Most Unwise summoner...''

" Scared yet..."
" Time to feed "
" I will swallow your soul!'
" Feel my shythes blade"
" I will not be controled!''
" You will make a nice addition to my soul collection..."
" No one can save you now"
" All alone.."

" I will see you on the other side!''

( Swipes sythe in front of him and loses his arm holding it) " Ugh. My sythe arm isnt going better" ( Picks up his arm and attaches it back)

This is my first creation so please leave a comment so i can inprove!
P.S: For the people who hadnt realized yet, Xunos is an anagram of Noxus.

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This certainly sounds interesting. I like the concept and I'm also a sucker for scythe characters because of cool factor. Thumbed up!

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This thread is relevant to my interests. Necrobump.