Just pardoned 4 out of 5 cases I reviewed

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I usually run across cases that definitely do deserve the "punish" button to be clicked but in my first 5 reviews this evening, I pardoned 4 out of 5 of the cases.

In two of the cases, the people were reported for negative attitude and/or verbal abuse.. yet there was no chat log at all or the person never spoke in chat. One of the people also got reported in a couple games because they were "getting back at him" for him saying in a polite manner "I don't understand why you're being so rude. I have ignored you and you will be reported at the end of the game". So, those people reported him as a "ha! I got you back!" immature notion. Which he didn't deserve cuz he did nothing wrong and was very polite in all games.

Another case, the person was reported for not playing adc Teemo. The person was like, "that's not the build I'm going, I'm sorry" and explained the build he was going and why he was going it. His team reported him for not building adc on Teemo. Which is just ridiculous. Another one he got reported for feeding but he wasn't. He simply got ganked a lot and was explaining to his team to not stand in the Karthus ult. He seemed very polite actually.

Last case I pardoned, this person was reported in 3 games for inappropriate name. Their summoner name was not at all offense [I'm not publishing the name since this is probably not allowed]. The people reporting them said "her name offends me. i don't like". What is wrong with people? Pardoned. Their name was in no way offensive.. Just stahp. Pls.

And no, no other reports these people had made any sense either. The one I did punish, spent the whole game yelling at their team and telling them they were bad and noobs and the typical rage kid report. So, that one was an obvious punish.

Just posted this because this is the first time I've ran across so many ridiculous reports in a row and pardoned 4 out of 5 of the cases.. Not sure why I think this deserved a thread but it was baffeling to me to see so many ridiculous reports. I don't know if people are just testing the tribunal or thinking people don't read the reports and will click punish regardless? Cuz no, I read every report and every chat log. But nice try on trying to get innocent people punished. I would feel really bad if any of these four people got banned because they did absolutely nothing wrong. And this is coming from someone who myself has never been warned or banned and who is an avid Tribunal user. I usually only end up pardoning 1 out of 10 cases.. but today it seems there is an abundance of silly cases.

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The no chat log cases are a bug I believe. I'd recommend just skipping them.