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So now that Warmog's got a health cut and no longer requires 100 stacks

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Ok, so I get Darius in an ARAM game a few days ago.

I proceeded to build Mercs, a Black Cleaver, LW, and 3 Warmogs (not in that order), and was about as tanky as my tanks who itemized actual armor/mr while dishing out loads of damage.

I'm normally pretty bad with AD bruisers, too. But something about having 5k health and a decent amount of penetration with high base damages just sort of made things easy.

I don't care how many downvotes I get, giving someone the ability to become almost nigh-invulnerable while still doing really high damage is pretty overpowered, and I refuse to support an item that facilitates that.

Warmogs would be fine if the ONLY champions who could buy it were fairly low-damage tanks, but throw multiple Warmogs on a high-damage bruiser and bad things happen. To the other team.

How long was the match? If it took say, 35 minutes, to get your second warmogs, then your point is mute. Were you dominating on kills or was your score in line with your team's? Was the opposing team's main damage underfed? Did your team have any defensive auras that made you tankier? Don't forget that killing turrets is an additional gold source which you do not have on dominion. The gold over time global buff on the proving grounds is comparable to the crystal scar's, however you did not provide enough information to make a valid comparison.