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The League of Legends: Rising (A Future Tale of Runeterra)

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"Battle inflicts wounds just as life, but they remained worlds apart, until the truth was revealed. Since all that was known has been abandoned, the League will have to fight to go on, or be lost to history forever."

Chapter 1: Rising

Amongst the dark creatures of the Shadow Isles a new life was beginning. One that was unforseen in the crystal ball. And the crystal ball never lies or skips a beat. Its electricity is more powerful than all the lightning strikes ever written about, than all the storm clouds posturing over Runeterra. There was no denying its truthful prophecies of the future because none had ever been challenged. Until this day, it was the epicenter of knowledge of past, present, and future. To deny its force was to deny life itself and the truth behind every known fact. But on this day, it was as wrong as ever.

"I...I don't understand sir. Why should we declare this martial law you speak of? What has drawn you to this conclusion?" asked the assistant.

"For centuries upon centuries here in this sacred land, all things living have been watched over by this crystal ball. Something this unfortunate can not be overlooked, dear assistant, and life itself hangs in the balance. Martial law shall be the only way to revive peace that the crystal ball inherits to our world." said Professor White. "We cannot allow chaos to take hold and let the League disband or there shall be dire consequences."

Professor White was speaking about a new unnatural force, never prophecized by the crystal ball. Something had happened to cause chaos that every resident of Runeterra could feel. It was the worst unknown the professor had ever discovered. There was something about to be revealed to the world that would change its history forever. But he could not put his finger on it.

"The only thing we can do now is protect our citizens and imposing martial law will calm the chaos long enough to figure this out" the professor said. "We can only listen and wait my dear assistant."

He nodded in agreement as it suddenly hit him as well, an overwhelming feeling of chaos and certain doom. He wondered if this was how the entire world felt. Feeling this immediate state of disgust and anguish, the assistant approached the crystal ball and began to stare deeply into its core.

The professor grabbed his shoulder and shook him loose of his stare. "Never try to understand its power comrade, or it will take you down with it, should it ever fail." he whispered.

Acknowledging the professor, he shook his eyes loose of the crystal ball. On a table along the wall sat a small statue of Lord Garen, whom had been deceased for many years now. His eyes turned to the statue as if he was shifting his thoughts to Garen. His eyes spoke of fear and he imagined the days of Garen when peace was abound. "Oh to go back to that time would be wonderful" he thought to himself. "But look at this now, a world of chaos that threatens our very existence. What could be worse? I know what could be worse, the absence of the League, thats what!"

They both looked down to the floor at the same time as if the professor was reading his thoughts.

"Tomorrow we will resume dear assistant. Do not fear this night. Tomorrow will be as glorious as any day that has passed."

He once again nodded and headed for the door. "And don't forget son," the professor said under his breath, "peace will be with you as long as you believe in my words." He stopped for a short moment, and let out a sigh, then continued out into the new chaotic world he called home.

Meanwhile, many miles away on the Shadow Isles life was stirring. The normally decrepit, ghostly, scene was turning into a whirlwind of life and many creatures found themselves wrought with fear caused by panic. The dark passages through the jungles were being lit up like an exploding star in the night sky, revealing its best and its worst. Creatures who relied on darkness were now faced with a new permanent, blinding, reality that they had to evolve or become yesterdays extinction. There was no turning back now. A new spring had sprung....

(to be continued)
Hey everyone. This is the start of my first ever fanfic and the beginning of the in depth story starts in chapter two. There are probably many stories like mine but I hope it offers a different, unique, twist to this topic. I hope you enjoy!

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Even though I'm sad that Garen is dead *sniff sniff* I think it sounds interesting... Chapter 2 ahoy

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Chapter 2: Chosen

Like a powerful laser, the sun penetrated her room through a small stained glass window situated above her bed. The heat from the sun ray was so intense it felt as if her skin began to crackle like a roasting pig. But she was used to waking up this way, for at least the past two weeks. No one knew what was behind the sudden shift in the weather but it was apparent something was wrong. The King had ordered martial law to protect all the residents of her village but she suspected something more sinister. She always had a gut feeling that the crowns (royal family) were crooked but never had solid proof.

Knock! Knock! “Hey anybody in there?” a voice yelled from outside her door. It sounded like someone in their adolescence, still squeaky at the end of his sentences. She didn’t recognize the voice so she slowly moved toward a window to peek outside.

“HEY I SEE YOU, OPEN UP” he demanded.

“Just a minute please! Getting dressed!” she yelled back. She quickly changed out of her night gown and into jeans and a shirt. “Coming!”

“I know who you are Truelle, you can’t deny it! According to the crowns records, you are the only living descendent of the glorious Riven, from the League. Am I right?” he asked.

She had heard tales of Riven and how her family may have been connected to hers, but had no clue if it was true.

“I don’t know sir! I really don’t!” she yelled. After slipping on her shoes she made it to the door and opened it to find a rather funny looking man. His nose hairs curled around his nostrils as if they were trying to escape his face. He breathed in deeply, which caused her to laugh. He was whistling louder through his nose than she could with her lips!

“Wha…why are you laughing?” he asked…

“Oh uh nothing, how can I help you?” She held her fingers over her mouth trying to get out all the chuckles.

“You are the only living descendent of Riven, am I correct?” He looked into her eyes as if he could read her lies. And she knew what he was doing.

“I told you already, I have no clue. If those records say I am than I must be!” she said quite sarcastically. “And you coming to my door like this is extremely rude by the way.”

“Listen lady, we have no time for this. Have you noticed the weather changes? How about all the officers parading around your town? Does any of that bother you?” He grabbed her arm and pulled her in close. “Listen up okay, we need your help right now. As the only living descendent of Riven, you have been chosen. I will explain more later on but we have to get out of here RIGHT NOW!”

She tried to resist but realized he was causing a scene. Fearing that he might blow whatever plan he had himself, she slammed the door behind her and began to walk with him.

“You know I don’t know what you want, but if you are trying to be stealthy about this you’re doing a terrible job.” She said. He looked at her with disgust but then realized one of the officers had noticed their little spat at her door. He waved and hung his head low as if he was watching where he placed his foot and bypassed the officer. They walked for many miles before reaching the Kings court in Demacia. She remembered the road well but hadn’t travelled there due to some trouble she found herself in many years back.

“Ok now listen up, we must see the King as soon as possible and you cannot tell anybody about this meeting. It could jeopardize the entire situation. Got it?” he said.

“Of course good sir but can you please elaborate on why my family being connected to Riven is a big deal to you guys? I mean she wasn’t that glorious.” She said in a confused voice. He let go of her arm and took a deep breath and exhaled.

“Riven was the chosen one” he explained, “she was chosen for more reasons than what is widely known. As far as me knowing why, I could not tell you because I do not know. But the King knows, and he believes you are now the chosen one. Pretty simple right?”

“Look man, I don’t know who you-“. She was cut off by a sight she hadn’t seen in years. In fact, since she was a little girl. Her eyes began to glow in amazement as she moved closer and closer. She remembered the details as if the image was imprinted in her heart and burned in with a hot iron.

“Can you believe that sir, it still stands!” She was looking at the great statue of Blitzcrank, the Savior of the League. Since his deactivation his name had remained but his title had changed. He was best known for his deeds in saving the League from certain collapse after his many hard years fought in battle. The League was in shambles before the big change and Blitzcrank knew it was his duty to restore the once great agency.

See after the fall of Jarvan IV, chaos ensued. Garen took his place as King, a move widely recognized as treasonous. The crown must always fall to a descendent but in Jarvan's case, he had none. Garen, being his closest ally, usurped the position after his death effectively changing the crowns bloodline. Many believed it should have fallen to the Queen and her family but as per Jarvans wishes, he became the sole crown. As Garen tried to pick up the pieces of a wrecked kingdom, the League began to fall apart. Many champions began to return home and forget about the League altogether which incited a civil war throughout all of Runeterra. As the civil war broke out, the single savior of the league came forward; Blitzcrank. After winning a fight for his freedom from his creators, he felt it was necessary to capture the essence that once fueled the League and restore it to its original state. That he did and ever since, the League has been fully operational.

“Come right through here maam, the king awaits your arrival.” He lifted his hands and grabbed hers, staring directly into her eyes. “Whatever you do, mention none of this to anyone BUT the king got it?”

“Of…of course.” She replied. He whisked her through the door and slammed it behind her just as fast. She would soon know her true fate and if she was in fact, the chosen one.

(to be continued)