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Nocturne builds

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Junior Member


I've been jungling nocturne for a while now, but with S3, I've been having trouble deciding on what to build after Wriggles and Greaves. Do I build Offtank, Tanky DPS, what, and with which items?

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Always build tanky with damage.

heres my build (last two games were 904 and 10-4-12)
Avarice blade (into youmoos or Atmas)
Spirit of the Ancient Golem
Mercs Treads
Black Cleaver

Other options-
* ditch Avarice blade for Phage (avarice blade is if there are no ganking opporunities and you want a gp5). Phage into Frost Mallet.
*Wits End-super good on him, AS is great and you need the MR
*Maw of maloritus-for AD and MR.

Yes the minion damage doesn't stack, but the rest of the stats are really good. on wriggles/Ancient Golem. Also you ditch Wriggles for BT late game.