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~1500 Top. Giving away RP cards to viewers!

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Senior Member


Hey guys my name is Vondill. I'm a Top main that is currently ~1500 Elo working to improve my play and climb the elo ladder along the way! Come join my stream and feel free to chat because I'd love to interact with you guys and answer any questions you might have.

I'll be streaming for the next few hours so stop by if you like and tell me what you think!

Giving away my three $10 RP Cards every 25 viewers, if I don't reach viewer goals then I will give away the RP at the end of the stream instead.


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Hey man i guess im to late for your stream sucks cause i would have watched it. I have watched a couple tournament matches and watching lol is fun, i think. Any i dont want to sound like a free loader but if u have any RP cards left over do you mind if i can have one? And if not thats cool i understand. If u want another on lol to play Games with send me a friend request Guatetrailmix. Im always looking to play with better ppl and see what i can improve on.


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