Que dodging punishment isues.

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First off, as a thread posted a bit before me said, there should be a vote for dodging ques. This will allow trolls and bad pickers to be, for the most part, avoided. See naufirefox's thread for more detail.

Second, I have a problem with the punishment for que dodging. Just today I dodged a ranked Que due to me having to go suddenly. I understand the need for a LP punishment, but what I have a problem with is that I was up for a division promotion and dodging took me out of that. I feel as though it would be more fitting to simply have a LP punishment. What this ends up doing is it causes me to have to play at least one more game to move onto the next division, causing the dodge to be more like an entire loss rather than a small punishment.

I hope you take a look at naufirefox's thread and take my own opinion into account.


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I couldn't agree more, I was up for promotion today, and 100% of my promotion games there was someone who said "Mid or afk" or "If I can't play mf then I am throwing the game" and deliberately screws up the champion pick so someone will be forced to dodge. I was extremely pissed because the solo queue was no longer reflecting my individual skill level, but the random chance that I do not get put up with complete ass holes in champion select. I have no problem losing a good game, I have a problem when 90% of my losses are from people deliberately throwing from champion select. Someone follows through with their promise to feed and ruin the game from the start and everyone else on the team has to suffer.

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@Zuan19, I completely agree that this is frustrating. But how many of your wins are because of these same people? Odds are that more wins come from these people than losses, by a hair. Last night I won, though we were slightly ahead up front we dominated about mid way through because the opposing Brand was arguing with his team and quit. I have no problem admitting that I win because of these guys, not all my wins, nor all my losses are from them.

The real problem is that 5 wins from these guys does not appease the trouble having to deal with 1 loss from them, especially when 1/3-1/2 of every game results in one of these guys on one of the two teams. The Tribunal has no way of dealing with the pregame troll, NONE. That is the problem, they aren't being banned quickly if at all.

If we could get them banned we'd see less of them, and if 1 in 20 games had a troll I'd be more willing to accept the 1 loss from them because I know I'll also get 1 win from them.

The new LP system isn't forgiving enough, you are forced to win 3 out of 5, but if just one game is lost due to a troll the taste you get in your mouth cannot be appeased even if the next two games are won to trolls.

The dodge penalty needs to remain, no dodging during a playoff HAS to remain otherwise we'd get massive abuse by hand selecting the ideal match ups (no one can argue against that without looking like a complete fool). The real problem is dealing with these guys, and reporting them and getting them banned in pregame tribunal is the only answer. Remove the reason people want/need to dodge.