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Simple alternative to shroom nerf:

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Make Liandry's Torment burn for less damage over the same time on AoE and DoT effects, rather than the same damage over half the time as is currently the case. As it currently is, the item only burns for 1.5 seconds on DoTs (to produce the half damage intended), but each tick of the DoT refreshes the burn completely! So Teemo's shrooms get 5.5 seconds of burn (4 from the DoT itself and an additional 1.5 at the end), totaling 6.66% of current health over the four shroom seco- wait no, they're slowed, that doubles to 13.33% of current health, plus the 2.5% at the end makes 15.83%, or 18.33% of current health if the Teemo in question bought Rylai's.

This is in ADDITION to the shroom damage, and Linadry's would theoretically be just as stupid on ANY DoT with Rylai's mixed in.

The obvious solution is to either reduce the damage to half per tick on damage-over-time effects, or remove any reference to removed damage on DoT effects and admit that they were intending basically full power for such effects. As the item is now, it's kind of misleading: They are putting in a standard special case for DoTs implying that the item is less effective with them, but in reality it's far more (you in fact get the duration of the DoT plus 1.5 seconds of full strength burn, which will almost always be greater than the 3 seconds of a single-target DoT)