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Just some champion ideas

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unicorne warior

Junior Member


Rigid,The Soul Controller

Passive: Every time he hits an minion he regain 1 Mana and 1 HP.

Q ( Honored Soul ) : Martin calls an soul from underworld for 3 seconds ,which it deals 10/15/16/17/20 Magic Damage to minions,creeps,enemies per 1 hit.

(Soul stats: HP:200/MP:0/AP:5/AD:5,/Armor:10/Magic Resist:10,Speed:400,Atk.Speed:1,024)

W ( Banned Soul ) : Martin create an "mime" of any soul that's on the game for 5 seconds.

E ( Iron Soul) : Martin calls an soul from sky for 3 second,which grants any nearby ally by 10% Magic Resist (This soul can't attack)

R ( Invisiable Combo) : An army of souls appears from anywhere and attacks to the targeted enemy and deals 200/350/500 Magic Damage.

Q: 5/7/7/7/8 Secs.
W: 3/3/3/3/3 Secs.
E : 5/7/7/7/7 Secs.
R: 30/32/29 Secs.

Basic Start (without runes or masteries or items) :

Mana: --
Attack Damage: 30
Ability Power: 40
Attack Speed: 0,864
Speed: 315
Armor: 25
Magic Resist: 20

Envious, The Fearless Tornado

Passive: Each time he kills:
an minion:2XP additional
an enemy: 25XP additional
creeps: 3XP additional

Q (Blade Thrown) : Mahmoud throws an blade to only one opponent (can't hit multiply opponent) which deals 50/60/70/80/100 True Damage.

Mana cost: 20/25/30/35/35

W (Holding Your Fear) : Mahmoud becomes invisiable for 2/2,5/3/3,5/4 seconds.

Mana cost: None

E (Furrious Power) : Mahmoud gains +10 % of his total Attack Damage and +5% of his total Armor for 3/4/5/6/6,5 seconds.

Mana cost: 50/55/60/70/70

R (Shi-Ka-Ju) : Mahmoud transport over the field of justice to one targeted opponent,then stuns him for 1/1/1,5 seconds and deals 200/300/400 True Damage.

Mana cost: 100/150/170

Basic start (without runes or masteries or items) :

HP: 550
Mana: 300
Attack Damage: 50
Ability Power: 15
Attack Speed: 0,650
Speed: 300
Armor: 40
Magic Resist: 20

Q: 3/3/3/3/3 seconds
W: 10/11/12/13/14 seconds
E: 6/8/10/12/15 seconds
R: 60/55/60 seconds

Pantera, The Royal Bloodbender

Passive: Any ally got a buff,he gain extra time of it. (2% of time)

Q (Switching Type) : Jana moves dashes forward and deals magic damage (25/50/50/60/65) to each opponent that's on his way.

Mana cost: 30/30/30/30/30

W (Dark Night) : Blinds an enemy for 1/2/2,5/3/3,5 seconds.

Mana cost: 50/55/70/75/75

E (Roaring) : Jana roars,and him and his nearby allies gains 8% of speed for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds.

Mana cost: 20/30/40/45/50

R (Blood Rain) : On a targeted area starts raining with blood which deals magic damage (30/40/50) each second any enemy is on that blood area. This cast keeps for 5 seconds.

Mana cost: 100/100/100

Q: 3/3/3/3/3 seconds
W: 5/6/8/10/12 seconds
E: 5/4/4/5/5 seconds
R: 149/150/155 seconds

Basic start (without runes or masteries or items) :

HP: 350
Mana: 500
Attack Damage: 50
Ability Power: 10
Attack Speed: 0,766
Speed: 280
Armor: 35
Magic Resist: 20

Skylark, The Battlemaster

Passive: When his HP is lower than 5% of his total HP,he regains 20 HP / per 4 seconds for 40 seconds. (CD: 90 seconds)

Q (Surprise Attack) : Samuel jumps on a bush to an targeted enemy and stuns him for 1/1,5/2/2,5/3 seconds.

Mana cost: 40/60/80/80/100

W (Slave's Honor) : Heals an ally for 20/25/30/40/50 HP.

Mana cost: 20/20/20/20/50

E (Road Master) : Blocks incoming enemies attacks for 0,5/1/1,5/2/2,5

Mana cost: 60/70/80/90/100

R (Revenging Spirit) : Samuel can't die for 5/6/7 seconds. If he dies,he revives with 500HP and mana.

Q: 4/5/4/5/4 seconds
W: 7/7/8/8/7 seconds
E: 10/12/13/14/14 seconds
R: 90/90/100 seconds

Basic start (without runes or masteries or items) :

HP: 500
Mana: 250
Attack Damage: 60
Ability Power: 0
Attack Speed: 0,700
Speed: 300
Armor: 15
Magic Resist: 40
Fatal, The Masked Dreamlord

Passive: Each level he gains +2 extra Attack Damage

Q (Dreaming Fantasy) : Summons one spirit of himself for 5 seconds. If opponent attacks then spirit,it explode and deals 50/70/80/100/120 Magic Damage.

Mana Cost: 8/8/12/15/20

W (Fairy Of Hope) : Enchants all nearby minions with extra 40/45/50/52/55 Attack Damage for 1/2/2/3/3 seconds.

Mana cost: 20/20/20/30/25

E (Trap Gift) : Places one giftbox on the field.If an enemy steps on it,it explodes and you and your allies can see that enemy for 0,5/1/1,5/2/2,5 seconds.Additional,it deals 15/25/35/45/50 True Damage. (Only 3 traps can be placed on the field,each traps remains for 2 minutes).

Mana cost: 15/30/35/35/40

R (Cyber World Dreamer) : Anej separates in six copies of himself then all of illusions attacks on the targeted enemy and each of it deals 40/50/75 True Damage.

Mana cost: 100/150/155

Q: 9/9/9/10/12 seconds
W: 10/10/12/10/8 seconds
E: 9/12/13/11/15 seconds
R: 60/55/50 seconds

Basic start (without runes or masteries or items) :
HP: 654
Mana: 300
Attack Damage: 40
Ability Power: 5
Attack Speed: 0,560
Speed: 300
Armor: 20
Magic Resist: 20

Archon, The Monk of Silence

Passive: He can see invisiable objects

Q (Tactic Of Flames) : Burns any opponent attacks in next 5 seconds by 5/10/15/15/20 Magic Damage per second for 3 seconds.

W (Tactic Of Winds) : Blows up all nearby enemies and deals 10/20/30/35/40 Magic Damage.

E (Tactic Of Earth) : Hamish smashs the ground and deal 50/55/60/65/80 True Damage to the targeted enemy. If enemy gets out of range,the attack will be cancelled.

R (Trio-Tactic) : All of his attacks cooldowns are refreshed and the damage they deal are tripled for 10 seconds.

Q: 5/4/5/4/4 seconds
W: 5/4/5/4/5 seconds
E: 6/5/5/5/6 seconds
R: 40/50/60 seconds

Basic start (without runes or masteries or items) :

HP: 500
Mana: --
Attack Damage: 35
Ability Power: 10
Attack Speed: 0.714
Speed: 270
Armor: 20
Magic Resist: 20