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Shop Feedback Idea

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Junior Member


So there a lot of posts on here about the new shop but there are not many answers. I believe I have come up with a simple solution that will greatly enhance the shop.

Solution 1:
You should be able to customize the recommended items page. I would be great to be able to drop in 5 items really quick and have them at your finger tips.

Solution 2:
Make the shop have a set number of pages that you can save with 6 items each. A small drop down menu that you could save like mastery pages would make things easier and quicker to navigate. It would be great to just click a drop down menu and load in a few items.

Riot responses would be greatly appreciated.

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Junior Member


I think this would be a good idea. You can switch between each page while browsing the shop in case you have to buy situational items. I think it would keep a lot of the hassle of sitting in spawn for 45+ seconds looking for the item you need out of the game.

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Senior Recruiter


The other day I saw a season 3 recommended item changer on the forums. Do a little searching and you an prolly find it.