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Here are few guides for Gragas that should be added to the list:

Gragas, the Overgrown Dwarf by DrYou (https://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/search.php?do=finduser&u=24790)

Rock It Out With Lady Gragas by incrediblyjoey (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/search.php?do=finduser&u=75363)

Gragas: Taru Sorbusten Herrasta by AnalC (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/search.php?do=finduser&u=121891)

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Following up the application of this Malphite guide on the list.


It's something I wanna leave for everyone esp. when I get banned (SEA).

Thanks, peace.

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Thanks Klazzix, I'm on a temp hiatus getting the new guide ready. Also remember, even though server access is restricted from SEA, you will still be able to get on these forums.

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Sir Shadow

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Are there any Ezreal guides yet?

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Yes, http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/ezreal-bringer-of-spell-force-937

Pretty good guide.

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and "Ezreal - Mix It Up A Bit"

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If you would notice what the OP said, this is for historical value. Don't post here. Go to the updated one.

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the Big Papi



So I have been playing fiddlesticks like crazy over the last month or so. I have read several guides and have taken them plus a bit of my own twist and here is what i have come up with. It seems to work very well for me, but i would like some insight on why some things are good and others bad. I am only a lvl 20 summoner, so please be kind.


I go with Mostly magic pen. and also Mana per lvl. I started to switch in the mana per lvl so i could go without clarity.


Flash is obvoiusly a must with crow storm.

I used to use clarity as it allowed me to stay out FOREVER. I have since learned that its better to just raise ur mana pool and then kill golem.

I have now started using exhaust. this provides me with several great features.
1) keep them in drain longer. u can cast while channeling
2)keep them in crows longer
3)help me run if i must


I get drain first, then get my fear to 2 seconds. (you must get one more drain at lvl 3 then get it to 2 second fear). This allows me to stay in lanes longer, jungle better, and harrass quite well. early on (levels 2-5) i am able to fear most melee dps and then drain them to below half life. if they are stupid enough to run up and try and bang on me, i drain about as fast as they can heal and there life goes down pretty fast

Once fear is at 2secs and i get crowstorm i put one point in dark void. this helps with a few things
1)when i crows in i always silence first so they cant inturrupt, then fear, then drain
2)i use it to intiate cause of the longer range then fear, then drain.
3) helps harrass a bit and get last hit on creeps


This is the best combination i have found and this is where I am really looking for insight as well.

1) i get amplifying tome and a mana pot. I can lane for a long time and by lvl 3 i go kill golem. lvl 2 if my lane partner can help

2) i go back and get mejas soul stealer ASAP. the early i get it the better as fiddle is a gank master the more stacks the more ganks. i can not count the games where i have 8-15 stacks by the 12-15min mark. once u get 20 u have an extra 160 AP!! thats more then any one item and it only cost u 1200g.

3) i grab the sorc. shoes normally for the magic pen, but occansionally i will grab swiftness as it helps with crows.

4) next i get one of two thigns. if i find i am getting harrassed alot or have died a few times i roll with a haunting guise. its great cause u get HP, AP, and magic pen. if i am having no need for the health i build ry. scepter. the slow just helps with all my ablitys plus mana.

5) again i normally get a haunting guise here, unless i am just destroying and i dont need the magic pen, then i got zyhonas ring.

i rarly find myself with more items then this but i have

sorcs shoes
huanting guise
ry. scepter
zyhonas ring

early game

i try to avoid middle cause i like pop in and out of the jungle. i go lane with a partner and try to set up an early gank with a teammate. normally by lvl 3-4 i have atleast 1 kill. i normally intiate with fear then drain. if i am with a teammate who has stun, i make them wait til fear ends to stun (great if u have a jax, pantheon, or sion). i pop in and out of jungle to help exp me and my fellwo champ.

mid game

once i have crow storm its all about ganking. fiddle is so powerful from lvl 6-12. his ult timed with anothers slow or stun equals atleast one kill every time i pop it. like i said earlier i find myself with 8-15 stacks by 12-15min making me more of beast as they continue to add up.

late game

good ole team fights. you are the tide turner in a team fight. i try to hide in a bush or it WAY in the back as other teams will surely focus me down. i let the fight begin and wait til i see one or two enemy players pop there ults. alot of the time i see one of my team mates die, but then i crow in, flash, silence, fear, drain and watch them die or run. again one team member may have died, but i get 1-3 kills and those i dont kill are so hurt they have to run.

this is done differently if i have a team member with an ult that synergizes with mine. if i have an amumu, nunu, or morgana you work togeather to pop both right away and watch there team get destroyed!! i have yet to get a 5 kill, but have gotten several triple kills and a few quads. other greta champs ults are ryze or katarina as they damge between teh two of you will take out 3-5 players EASY.

well there u have it. my first guide. please help advise me and ways to make it better as i am still a young summoner. also i know my grammer and spelling are horrible again be kind and watch out for the scarecrow!!