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Are you happy with the Snowdown Showdown skins as they are now?

Yes 7 17.07%
No 34 82.93%
Voters 41 .

Poll: Are you happy with the Christmas skins?

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For the kat skin specifically, the red hair would look so much better than the orange. The orange is just... idk but i am just not feeling the orange.

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Dante Brimscone

Senior Member


I'm more disappointed about who was chosen. 4 AP mids? Not much love for other roles. Also don't get why Ziggs needed another so soon. Especially, let's be honest, with how few people play him consistently.

That said, the Veigar one, with the new animation effects, is pretty amazing. I've been putting off picking him up (love his style but don't play mid once) but I'll have to put some thought into grabbing Bad Santa.