New Map idea

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Tier Krahe

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I've been looking as to where to post this idea that's been in my head ever since I read a certain lore (it's not really related to it at all, just got inspired by it). Can't find a proper forum.
I will try to keep it short.

I think what they should do next in terms of a new map is have a quest-style gameplay in mind. The goal is to kill the enemy's boss(s) (you still have to do certain objectives along the way maybe? idk).

"That's like killing the Nexus"
"That's like doing the Dominion objectives"

Instead of a stationary objective, why not have the objective(s) constantly moving through a jungle map?
-The entire map is just jungle with fog of war everywhere.
-ALL of the NPC's of the jungle are constantly moving, and you'd have to hide in brush to escape unwanted fights (you're too low of a level for example). Their movements should alternate over time.
-The enemy's boss would be constantly roaming too, but it changes directions because of a certain event on the map. Maybe it just changes paths randomly. Point is, you don't want the boss to be predictable. Gotta keep it interesting.
-Maybe there's more than one boss? Hell, while we're at it, why not make the boss champion-sized instead of a building-sized boss walking around?
-You'd have to make certain choices like go level up, hunt down weaker NPC's (because remember, all NPC's are on the move) and risk coming across the enemy team, or late game you'd have to stalk your boss to protect it, or stalk the enemy's boss.

What do you guys think? I was just throwing my idea out there after talking over it with two of my friends on League just recently.