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Team Sylvinity (SV) is looking for high elo players for competative team

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Name or Nickname: Tiago
Age: 17 (Im mature and funny tho)
Location (State): Alberta Canada
Availability: Alot on weekends an hour or so a day on weekdays
Role/ Position (Primary): Top
What makes you a potential recruit for Team Sylvinity: Im a dedicated, fast learning player that meshes really well with most people and i love feeling like im playing with family not with random people. Im a good listener and i stay calm.
Previous experience in competitive gaming: Lans and high level ladder play in CoD.
ELO: 1300~ s3
Are you and your computer in a secluded environment for consistent matches: Yes
Please type anything else you'd like to share: Im awesome and deserve a tryout?

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Top Lane Xio

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