Offensive vs Defensive masteries for junglers

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I'm running

-AD reds
-Flat Armor yellows
-Mr Blues
-MS Quints

and i don't plan on changing them because I'd rather buy new champions.

Anyways, I've set up 3 masteries, 1 that is 21-9-0, 9-21-0, 0-21-9 (for champs like Udyr and Malphite who need that prolonged blue)

I usually will go Defensive masteries 9-21-0 because i like staying in the jungle after my initial run. I saw that a lot of guides suggest 21-9-0 on "assassins" such as Nocturne but I've tried it in game and I just get way too low and have to recall before even ganking.

I usually go take the new jungle item + 5 pots to start, but if I take offensive masteries, is it worth it to recall first, or go for cloth + 5 and be able to stay longer.

And bonus question: Are offensive masteries even worth it for jungle? I mean, I only created an offensive jungler masterie because my choices are more flexible and if I have a tank top and tanky support, we'd need some dps, Also, you're suppose to help your lanes and you you're probably gonna fall behind a little so playing tanky rather than dps would be better throughout the game no?