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Sightstone not just for support?

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first time Vayne

Senior Member


Hey guys,

I'm wondering where else you've found uses for Sightstone / Ruby Sightstone and the other new "support" items outside of the support role. While we're at it, tell when you like to use the new "support" utility masteries, too.

I use Sightstone as a perpetual gank repellent plus light tankiness if I get ahead in top lane. I've yet to have a bad experience with it there. My team has a great response to me using it, and their jungler tends to gank less (plus I always see him coming when he does). Also, I absolutely love it for jungling. The ability to have a few wards constantly up in struggling lanes as well as the two jungles is a huge relief for me. I over-ward things by habit, so it's my new favorite jungling item.

I have also seen Twin Souls on a mid Galio, and I loved it. The long range slow, AP, magic resist, and (albeit gimpy) pseudo map awareness give him everything he needs.

Shard of True ice seems like it would work on AP mid champions who like to get in close, like Diana. Anyone try it out? The stats do look a bit low, but I wonder if it might work.

As for masteries, Pickpocket is so good on Teemo, and the biscuit + ward pair is useful everywhere. I love those on champs who are neither terribly tanky nor hard carries.

Just looking for stories from other people who have taken any of the new "support" items and masteries into other lanes.