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Listening to Darius' log in song made me imagine a scene

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So, I decided to listen to Darius' Theme again ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrLnEDlgHyo ) because it's a pretty good musical piece, and for a few moments I had an image in my mind. I imagined Swain's ascension and Darius standing next to him as this song was playing.

Then I decided to put the song on repeat and expand the image into a motion scene that I think best fit this song and I want to share with you what I came up with.

0:00 - 0:20 - Drums and trumpets resound throughout the Noxus at dusk. The only things lighting the city are ghastly lamps that dot the streets and a massive, fire-like trace in the middle of it.

0:21 - 0:36 - The camera pans over the trace of light. As it gets closer, it reveals masses of people, all standing next to eachother as bonfires burn around them. Horns begin accompanying the drums as the lines of Noxians lead to the main event. At the front, Swain stands tall, speaking to the masses, with Darius right next to him, examining the gathering and the surroundings like a hawk.

0:36 - 0:54 - A chorus begins singing over the cheers as Swain puts on his helmet and declares himself the new ruler of Noxus, but the focus is on Darius. He turns his head and looks at a distant balcony. For a few seconds, he catches a glimpse of two shadowy figures, but they quickly disappear. Darius stares at the location for a few moments and sneers, then returns his gaze to the cheering masses.

0:55 - 1:03 - The camera switches to the two shadowy figures, now standing on a roof. Katarina and Talon loom over Noxus as they watch Swain's ascension. For a second, Katarina scowls, then turns and nods to Talon, and they both disappear into the night.

1:04 - 1:08 - The camera returns to Darius, then slowly fades to dark as his scrutinous stare watches over the euphoric Noxians.

Please tell me if you enjoyed this interpretation, I might write more about other songs. And feel free to write your own versions.

Also, please excuse me if you think I've worder poorly some phrases, english is my third language.

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Fir Bholg



Wow! That was amazing, haha! I could actually visualize everything.