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Surrender at 5 minutes.

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Senior Member


I like this idea, at least make it 10 minutes if 5 is unviable.

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20 feels too long.

5 feels to soon.

10 or 15 seems right.

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the 20 minute surrender is in a way a mercy rule your average game goes for double that time, there would be little satisfaction in winning a game which ended at 5 minutes. and yes i understand your argument for wanting the game to end sooner for all of us have been in that situation but its not a single player game and it would not be fair to rob 5 other people a fun game because mine isnt going to best. anyway its not like you haven't enjoyed being on the other side of this.

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I think a big problem that people experience is that games with leavers aren't fun. Imo, they should really implement a loss forgiven rule for teams that lose because of a leaver. However, rather than doing this and having someone leave right before they lose to avoid elo loss, have only the leaver lose elo for the game. However, since duo queues would just dodge so only one person would lose elo and the other would retain it, leading to 1/2 the elo loss over the course of ranked, either double the elo loss or add a leaver timer - the duration of the time a teammate is gone should reduce the elo loss for the team. If they only leave for a minute, then the elo loss reduction is very minimal, however if they leave the game for half an hour, there should be full elo loss reduction.