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[Suggestion] "Same language" checkbox

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(sorry, posted in General but it was scrolled away in ~40 sec! I suppose this is the right place)

I think it'd be nice to add a checkbox above the "Match me with teammates" button of "Attempt to match me with summoners of the same language" and add a "Primary language" drop-down box in your profile.

Sometimes I don't mind it at all, and it's nice to be teaming up with people from other countries.

However, me being a dork who only speaks English, sometimes getting matched with players whose summoner names indicate they are probably Japanese speakers, Korean speakers, Portuguese speakers, etc, can be problematic, as I can't understand what is being said in the chat, and they may or may not understand me, which is bad for the team. In worst case scenarios (which has happened several times), I've been downright ignored (seemingly "shunned"?) for being the "English-speaking dummy" on the team, which is really disheartening.

It would probably increase queue time, as it should, but that would be the price to pay for a match-up where you will be "guaranteed" that you will be working in a team who is more able to (and in some cases, more willing) to communicate with you!.

Would love to hear your opinions