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Hello, I have bought Shaco for jungling, and am really enjoying it. However as of the late I'm noticing somethings:

- I seem to fall far behind on ganking, I literally end the game with 0-2 kills/assists (mostly because of team fights

- I'm to aggressive, for example, I fought another Shaco today, and all I did was counter jungle, I was up against an Amumu and the same thing occured. For some reason all I do is counter jungle.

- As soon as I hit level 6 and have red and blue I do dragon, is this optimal? I want to be able to down dragon fast with little/no threat from dragon. When can I do that?

- Can I solo Baron before fully built?

- What should my route be? I'm doing wolves + blue (not really wolves atm because I can't pull it off), then I head to red if there's an enemy jungler, otherwise I sneak a peek. Then I hit wraiths, and if my team is bad and I used smite, I hit golems. Then red buff. After this though, normally I'll just go hit another of my junglin creeps, or I'll counterjungle/killl enemy jungling creeps.

EDIT: I'm summoner level 12. I run flash + smite. And I start out with Machete 2 or 3 health pots and a ward.

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Necrotic Frost



I have jungled shaco a bit, but it was last season with different items so someone feel free to correct me if im wrong.

Shaco (as he use to be) is a early game jungle, he falls off hard late game. I'm not saying he's useless in team fights, but he's pretty close to it. If your going to have a good late game you need to snowball early, which means you need to be in lane ganking, as well as counter jungling. Shaco is made to play aggressively, but you have to know when opportune times to gank are. This depends on your team as well, you cannot do much if your team is constantly pushed, which at those times you will want to counter jungle. Other than that you should be looking for gank opportunities on your lanes. If you play Shaco right, the enemy will surrender at 20 in most cases, which is what you want, because after that your just not as strong as many other jungle picks.

As a side note, I used Ignite + Smite on Shaco, flash really isnt necessary as he already has an escape mechanism in his kit. Ignite will help secure you that first blood.