For Rising Legends

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Before u even attemt to say your pro please ACKNOWLEDGE THESE TIPS.
1.Make Sure You Save up for a champ thats worth playing~whos rushing you?
2.If u know you dont like to click to cast spells then why would u buy an ap champ thats just a waste of ip~its not a showoff unless your good
3.Get a champ ,Stick to it , Get the runes that will make u u better than u are .

ADC Guide~ Guaranteed survival/70% chance of getting fed
Greater Mark of Atck Damagex9=8.55 attck
Greater Glyph of Magic Resistx9=12.06 mag resist
Greater Seal of Healthx9=48.15 health
Quintessence of armor penetrationx3=6 armor penetration

Masteries: 21 in attack~6 in utility~3 in defence

Works best with:vayne,Caitlyn,Ashe,and varus

Tank Guide~ Great for working your way up to Late Game initiations 80% chance success

Greater Seal of Percent Healthx9=4.5% increased health
Greater Mark of Armorx9= 8.19 armor
Greater glyph of mag resistx9=12.06 mag resist
Greater Quintessence of healthx3=78 health

Masteries: 24 in Defence~6

Works best with: Amumu,Nunu, Nautilus, and Alistar

AP Guide~soon to come i havnt figured out perfect runes yet still a little scratchy

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oh wow i have to admit this is a really good guide , but can u add some items for this new season thats works well with them ?