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Another Vi feedback thread.

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Starting off with the tl:dr. She's awesome, damage perhaps a little over the top.

Her abilities flow very nicely, and make for natural combos.

Her passive is the only thing I'm iffy with. It doesn't add to her flowing combat feeling, although I'm sure it has saved me a few times. Like Malphite's shield, it's up when she needs it, and isn't too much.

Her Q (Falcon PAWNCH) doesn't launch very far if you pop it early, which always leaves me feeling a tad disappointed, but the overall distance feels correct. The low rank cooldown is very high, while maxed it's very low, and rightfully so with the utility it offers.

Her W is where I feel there should be changes. Early on, it's negligible. The lower ranks of it offer very little, and it's almost a waste of an early skill point. By rank three, however, this thing is ridiculous. 10% is rather excessive with the amount of damage she already does, and the fantastic scaling doesn't help much. % damage is always going to difficult to balance, but in tandem with the AS steroid and autoattack timer resets, it feels like it's too much on her.

E (Warlock punch) Feels. Good. It is SO rewarding landing this on the correct target, and I've even picked up runners by popping it on a creep for the AoE. Again, damage is high for a skill with such a low cooldown. Despite this, it does feel important to leave it with low cooldowns between uses, as it is an "ammo" type spell, akin to Heimer's turrets. And extra second or two between charges in the later ranks wouldn't offset me too much.

Her ultimate is freaking, destructive. I have no other way to describe it. Whichever unlucky target is chosen as the recipient, is probably dead. Having this as a utility is probably my favorite part of playing Vi. Excellent initiation tool and excellent for slinking past a busy teamfight to lock onto that ADC or caster. It feels like Pokemon's "Sky Drop," which is one of the best, and first banned, moves in a long time. In tandem with Falcon punch, she has the capability to be extremely disruptive, and can almost always turn the tides of a teamfight by locking down and/or knocking out a high priority target.

Her lane is very high risk high reward. Using Q to initiate leaves her very vulnerable to ganks and makes trading difficult, but without it, harassing is difficult. She also lacks direct forms of sustain, relying on potions/flasks, and getting an early Vampiric Scepter.

She does suffer from moveslot syndrome rather severely, as none of the skills really shine until they're maxed. Q offers her the heightened mobility which top lane adores, but either missing it or using it for damage can leave you vulnerable. W is fantastic, but it requires longer battles, so I usually leave it for last. E is the other difficult one, it offers harassment from a *generally* safe distance, but it also pushes the wave very quickly.

Her jungle is strong and safe. Her clear is fast. Her ganks are potent, in a manner I am only able to compare to Lee Sin.

As for builds, I've grown fond of Trinity, Blade of Ruined King, Black Cleaver, Last Whisper, +3 boots with either Alacrity or Homeguard, and for the sixth slot it's a tossup between GA, Ravenous Hydra, IE, Mercurial Scimitar, and Randuin's Omen, depending on the situation at hand.

I have seen other Vi's that attempted Attack speed builds, and pure tank builds, but neither felt as effective as going for damage and a splash of survivability.

As for glitches, she seems pretty clean so far. As the game goes on, I do notice her sound effects clipping halfway or so through playback, but that's minor.

You've got me sold riot. I am not a Melee bruiser player, but the way she plays, how good, it feels, to carry a game with her, how well she flows... All I can say is good job. A fantastic way to end the year.