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Help me with Anivia :)

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I'm also searching the web for a REALLY good anivia guide, Im guessing Froggen doesn't have one up anywhere does he? xD

Basically, I've been playing anivia since I got the IP to buy her at like level 5. It was the only champion that appealed to me because of her W and passive.
Basically when I started playing LoL I was like "I hope there's a champion that can just put a gigantic wall accross the screen". So yeah.

Anyway, Anivia is now my main, I play her probably over half my games. And I want to improve myself further. That's the beauty of Anivia. She has such a skill cap you can just keep improving.

So let's get started on my weakpoints.

Early Game - No not My CSing, I've actually gotten her rediculously long Autoattack animation pattern down, so my CSing early game isn't an issue.

The fact is, most of my games, I go 8/1 or 10/1 or 9/2 or something really similar like that. (well the last 1 or 2 games I played were actually pretty bad, so I guess i was just on a winning streak) The only time I die, is in the early game.

Here's my General Item build
If everything goes perfect, I hit level 6, Waste all my mana to clear minions, Recall at 7:00 Buy a Tear of the Godess, Some pots and a ward, then get blue buff. I usually solo it myself because I'm impatient and the jungler is usually busy, Not a problem most times, only costs me one pot.
If I get a kill pre 6 or just simply stay in lane longer so i have 1200, I buy a Catalyst.
After I get one of those I always rush for the other

Then My build kind of only has one Route.
I buy a Rod of Ages, Archangel's staff Then Deathcap, Then Zhonyas, Then Either a GA or Void Staff Depending on the Circumstances.

Going back to early game, I just cant seem to want to harrass as anivia pre 6. After six it's easy I just E->R combo them. But Landing a Q is very difficult. And that's my main issue. It's rare that i get kills before I hit six, and I want to strive to be able to do that.

Basically I just focus on farming. I thought that changing my earlygame items to something more aggresive might help, but nothing that will negatively affect my build.
(I try to get Tear of the Godess as Early as humanly possible to start building up my mana pool).

Mid game is where I'm best. I don't think i have too many issues here but if you have any tips that would be helpful.

Lategame I'm not perfect at yet. I think I still need to work on getting more into the teamfights, I kind of just lay back and Q people to death. I get way to nervous on being focused. Any advice there would help.

And Some wrapping up questions.

As anivia, what is the best way to deal with a Roaming Midlane Evelyn? I can't decide whether to stay and push my lane, or follow her. What's the general way to deal with her?

I struggle against Diana the most when Laning, any advice?

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1. Tear sucks balls, charlice is more reliable
2. Blindly going zhonya doesn't help you that much, it is best to look at their damage type to decide what to go next
3. Solo queue games are mostly won by beating your laner, farming is nice but you need to make use of anivia's killing potential
4. You should never struggle agianst Diana, early on you have autoattack harass, then if she tries to use autoattack to get minions you can Q > E combo her for half of her health. Never underestimate the power of autoattacks
5. Your position probably have problem if you can't win with that build, cause that is a pretty strong tanky build already.

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samsung man123

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cool love it

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If you're having trouble landing a Q on your opponent, use the wall! The champion auto pathing makes them typically go one way. As long as you aim ahead, it will land perfectly. This works even better when they are near a wall and you can block one side, ensuring they ONLY move one way. The wall is also good for keeping them close while you get close enough for your combo.

Diana isn't a problem as Ken said, your AA hurts more than you think and it all adds up. However, early game if you can't land those Qs, you gotta dodge hers. Post 6, your combo should half her health even without a lot of AP. Never been up against a good roaming Eve, but I would push her and take the tower. Her stealth makes it really easy to bait you out. Not sure if she can gib you however.

Adjust your build to the enemy team, not same route every time. Anivia has great killing potential in laning phase. A single Q, E combo pre 6 takes out half their hp easily and once you hit 6, it's an easy kill. Don't be afraid to go into egg form in team fights, unless your team is stupid and doesn't take advantage of their focus. Put your ult down even if you can't get to their carries, the attack and MS slow helps more than you think. I personally use Q as an escape and wall to close distance.

Practice helps a lot, but once you master her confidently in solo queue, she is a pleasure to play.