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[Suggestion] For PBE Section of Forum

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Seeing all these different threads in the PBE section of the forum, it's all very, scattered, as it were. There's posts about new champions and then Bugs about them, etc. Then you got people asking "What happened to the server? Why is it down?", etc.

More importantly, Sometimes I won't get a notice on what is the current status of it. Sure there's a sticky sometimes about maintenance's, but like I said, it makes the PBE part of the forum very messy, and on top of that there isn't always a notice, at least not 100% of the time.

So my suggestion to you, Riot, is to make subsections to PBE (examples are Bugs, Help, Announcements, etc. And of course sticky's would be made visible to all these sections).

Hope to see a change soon, whether it's now or in the near future. Thanks!

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Et?rnal Demon

Senior Member


Forum is completely outdated to be honest. With the new boards and new things there are out there, theyre using a simple form, only Bold, Italic, Underline, Link insertions and quotes.

While they could be using features way better. I just feel like theyre making the game better, but do not give a damn sh*t about their forums.

There are no profiles URL - (We cannot click on your name) to see a profile. Share your thoughts, etc. There could be a lot improvements, but they just go simple way, cause simplier it is, harder it is to exploit.

Just to say that yes, I have to agree that this forum is messed up, we barely understand peoples topic because they just dont put a decent title.

So yes.